What do our Valuables say about our Values?

What is object relations?

Building upon Melanie Klein’s Object Relations Theory, we work with your material world to introduce you to the forgotten parts of yourself. Your wardrobe, home, spending habits and clutter all play an important role in clarifying your values and goals. It's a method that is both belief and behavior-based. By using your possessions as tools for assessment, we unlock and gain insight into the person you wish to be while revealing the areas of your life that have you stuck.

Beautiful things often point to the unblemished life we once enjoyed. Along with the obvious joy that comes with experiencing beauty, we often encounter the experience of tremendous void, says Hugh of St Victor. We are called to look deeper at why we covet certain possessions. Unconsciously, we often assume these virtues will automatically rub off on us when in fact, it's our job to go out and get them.

By pinpointing the values and behaviors we're aiming for in life, we can develop a step-by-step plan for achieving those things we desire.

What's old is, in fact, new again.

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The Closet App

The Closet App allows you to organize, plan and edit your looks on-the-go by clearly displaying your wardrobe and removing distractions.


The Problem: 65% of women report anxiety, stress and frustration upon entering their closets every morning with 74% of Americans holding onto unworn clothing for sentimental reasons. Furthermore, a staggering 30% of men and women report having unworn clothing in their closets with the tags still on them. We want to look and feel good but we find ourselves frustrated, resorting to wearing things we don’t particularly love so we’re not late for work. On average, we wear the same 3-5 articles of clothing each week. Who has time to spend the first 25 minutes of their day deciding what to wear? Practically no one.

How It Works: Each and every item in your closet is individually photographed by William and categorized by brand, fabric and color. Browse your blouses, drool over your handbag collection and plan your work week on-the-go. Take back your time and remove the stress of getting ready by browsing looks that William has pre-planned for you by event, date and style. Never wonder what to wear again-- William will curate your wardrobe wherever you are. Fashion just got fun again!