Meet William

Life & Style Coach / Celebrity Fashion Stylist

We often hear that a beautiful life starts from within... but that’s only half true.  As human beings, we are subject to the material world which inevitably shapes who we are— and how we feel about ourselves.  By looking outside and working our way in, we can effect change in a more tangible, practical way.


Blending fashion and psychology, William Graper brings a unique perspective to personal growth and mental health.  Everyday people, celebrities, CEOs, pro athletes and LGBTQ+ youth— clients from all walks of life— have benefitted from his creative and therapeutic approach.


Currently completing his Masters in Psychology at Pepperdine University, William takes an active-directive approach to coaching, rooted in philosophically and empirically-based principles.  Having styled people’s outsides for over a decade, he looks forward to helping you style your life— in a more lasting and meaningful way.